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Tribute Examples

People Tributes (Living and Memorial) may be personalized with a name, date, gender and age-specific poem (optional).  We have created Memorial poems for men, women, infants, children and teens.  We also offer poems for important Life Events.  Many of our poems allow further personalization by embedding your loved one's name within the poem.

Pet Tributes (Living and Memorial) for dogs and cats may be personalized with a name, date and gender-specific poem which refers to your pet by name throughout.  We further personalize with special verses that refer to your dog or cat's breed (over 80 breeds are represnted).  Verses for rescued dogs and cats may be inserted as well.

Here are a few Tribute examples to get your creative ideas flowing ...

Bookmarks - Personalized

Bookmarks are available to accompany both People and Pet Tributes. 
They are carefully crafted to match the style you have chosen for your Tribute order.  You tell us which of your Tribute photographs to incorporate and we will do the rest.

Bookmarks are also sold separately.  To see Photo Artistic Style Options, click here.  To see Paper color options, click here.

Personalized Bookmarks for People, Pets and Events ...

  • Commemorate special people, pets and occasions

  • May match the style of your Tribute order

  • May be designed and sold separately

  • Precious gifts and useful keepsakes

  • Over-sized at approximately 3" x 8"

  • Laminated and made to last

  • Reverse side:  white or select from our graphic designs

Note Cards - Personalized

Note Cards are unique and useful additions to your personalized Tribute order.  They are also sold separately.

Our quality Note Cards include...

  • A personalized, classic look
  • One photo, displayed in black and white
  • Outside notation (i.e. name, birth year, death year, etc.)
  • Inside notation (less than 90 characters including spaces)
  • Sized at 4 ¼" X 5 ½"
  • White or Cream Linen paper, 80 lb. weight.
  • Matching Envelopes


Photo Artistic Style Options

Select an Artistic Style for your photos.  Consider which effect will best suit your photos and provide the style you desire.

Artistic Style choices include:  Oval, Square/Rectangle, and Freehand.
Two photos may stand alone or be overlapped.

Helpful hint:  In general, Ovals or Squares are best for close-up, portrait-style photos.  Freehand works well for photos taken from a distance or that feature background scenery.

Note:  All photo edges will be softened with a feathered effect.

Background Color Options

Select the Paper color design for your Tribute or Bookmarks order.

Tributes are created on 67 lb. acid-free premium paper stock.

Note:  Crossing Paper is used for People Tributes and accommodates
only one photo.

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